fashion with a worldwide twist

 lookbook 2009-2016

Some chose to wear ook to Kippaflashmobs in Berlin and Leipzig, while in New York others use JewishArtNow’s platform to purchase street wear via Paywhatyouwant.

The term „Judaism” triggers a load of negative connotations: Holocaust, Gaza-conflict, global anti-Semitism. But “being Jewish” in our times means more then just that – especially fort he youngest generation. 

Just like in all other world religions, the change of religious values has not skipped Judaism. This however does not imply, that one’s own history is to be forgotten or suppressed. 

On the contrary! It is our aim to show, that amongst prejudice and stereotypes there is a relaxed, cool but unpretentious commonplace: „Yes, Jews pass by on the street, wearing kippot and ringlets – but they are also standing beside you in clubs and bars and you can’t even tell. So what?“.

ook-fashion represents exactly this kind of freedom and unconventionality. This vibe is mirrored in its art and street wear, wanting to attract plenty and exclude no one.