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In many religious cultures it is seen as a sign of respect and humbleness to hide ones head.

Nowadays it is more like a mixture of fashion,

religion and culture.

     With our new series „tulips“, ook-fashion is temporarily xing out the “k” from its title.

What once was out-of-kippot, now reads: out of fabric

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 it´s a tulip - not a tichel - not a turban   . new 2014

Hair is always an expression of one’s personality – sometimes even ideology.

It is covered, hidden, colored and: styled. But no matter the do – 

a head held high is always a sign of pride and courage.  

While punks parade their flashy mohawks and skinheads shock with their baldness - hats, scarves, hair ties or caps transport a more subtile and less trying statement. And it’s about time to offer a fashionable solution in reply to neo-Nazi combat boots and their soul-destroyingly boring T-shirts. Our motto: why settle for brown, when you can have all different shades of beautiful. And not just for special days, but for every day.  

Fashion is a world that lives and breathes, that quotes and is reminiscent of the past. And at its best, it is able to diminish the fear connected to ones history.


ook-fashion . Jewish Museum Berlin . permanent exhibition

The tichel (Yiddish טיכל tikhl) is a headscarf worn by many married Jewish women.

It’s a tulip - not a tichel - not a turban

Tulips: Legend has it, that when Mother Nature didn’t know how to smile – she invented little flowers. 

When it comes to pimping up an ordinary outfit, this headdress can be seen as the cherry on top. But what do tulips, tichels and turbans have in common? Both reign far up high. 

 What a big fuss when it comes to hair? 

Firstly: It’s a prompt beauty booster.

Secondly: Always ready for a flashy statement, hip ethno-girls and blogger-chicks wear tulips to festivals and trendy bars. Their claim: Oh Solo Mio – My identity is holy to me.  Everything may – nothing must. An intercultural statement, that proves to be open-minded and free of stigmatizations.